Why UAV & Flight control Symposium?

Why UAVs?

The Andalusian aeronautical sector is considered as the second most important at national level and continues to highlight the issue of unmanned aerial vehicles becoming a subject of current interest and principal source of research.

The earliest example of UAV was developed after the First World War, and used during World War II to train antiaircraft guns operators. However, not until the late twentieth century when the UAV operated by radio with all the features of autonomy.

UAVs have proved their great potential in various scenarios and especially in the Gulf War and the Bosnian War. As for the collection, management and transmission of information, through the application of new techniques for protecting it (electronic warfare, cryptography), communications can be made more secure, harder to detect and interfere.

European UAS

Research on UAV's is considered very useful in various areas such as agriculture, cartography, forest protection, etc.., Due to the reduction of human interaction by reducing costs, and to act in a high toxicity which human beings could not access.

The Andalusian industry currently has many points in UAV's research, becoming one of the most important aeronautical industries.

Why Flight Control Systems?

At a symposium where current technologies are treated can not be left behind the avionics and flight control systems, due to the great advances that have occurred in recent years in the aviation industry with the introduction and research in the Fly-By-Wire (FBW).

Fly by wire

The study of the dynamic behavior of the aircraft it's a difficult process to model that requires a complex study of their behavior to implement different control laws in the onboard computer.

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