In the meantime a provisional schedule has been elaborated regarding the different topics that should have an important place at the symposium. We are still waiting for confirmation from some of the speakers so that a final schedule will be arranged. The aim is to gather the interested European students during the first week of March in a technical and professional environment.

We want to make 10 theory sessions for the 5 days, which makes a total amount of 10 hours. During the cycle of Conferences enshrined in the Symposium, we will be able to learn many things related to uavs and flight control systems, such as a detailed explanation of what a uav is, how they have developed during the last decades, why they are so important in the aerospace industry and the future of these aerial vehicles. All of this supported with an interesting program of visits (e.g. INTA at Huelva or Aeropolis) and tests in the laboratories of our University.

Check the schedule here:


Here is the provisional schedule on pdf for the event.

Special Saturday ( Optional day )

As you may already know, we have organized an extra activity for you on Saturday: a social event typical from the south of Spain called "capea".

It basically consists of spending a whole day in the countryside (in a country house), but not a common day as you can imagine! People spend most of the time eating and drinking, as long as they enjoy the nature and of course, the sun! There are usually guys who play the guitar, while many others sing and dance our typical "sevillanas".

But the really special moment takes place in the bullring. A young bull will be there, waiting for those who are brave enough to go inside the arena. Usually many people enter at the same time, both boys and girls. You will have the opportunity to feel like a real "torero". The only requirement is that the bull can't be hurt. Of course no swords are used, just the red piece of material called "muleta".

We really believe that you will enjoy the day!!

Confirmed speakers:

Awaiting other speakers' definitive confirmation.

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