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Summary Visit to Málaga Airport

EUROAVIA Sevilla had her second cultural visit. This time we were in Málaga Airport visiting a close museum and the Control Tower.

The museum was an old cottage which was the first airport of the city, known as Terminal 0. There were different rooms: airlines room, engines and mechanics room, airport weather room… there were posters with all kinds of interesting facts about aviation. There we had the opportunity of taking some pictures with a Finland Aircraft called Karhumäki or Conver 440.

The Tower control or popularly called Gitanilla was the most interesting part of the visit. The chief operating officer Francisco Morales explained the Tower divides into two parts. The first one is Aproximaciones, air traffic controllers work with planes that are flying in their zone until they start landing. In this moment the Fanal de la Torre takes control. The air traffic controllers contact with the pilots to give them permission to land or to take off. We also visited other key point in the tower, the maintenance area. Then the maintenance technician specializing in automation Víctor José Ruíz showed us systems which were behind all these essential technologies that help Controllers. Any failure is detected and corrected by the professionals that work there.

Undoubtedly a key visit for students specialized in airports that all of us enjoyed and we completed with a lunch in a near mall.


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