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Summary Visit to Moron Air Base.

Moron air base became the 11th of October in the first visit of the year.

We landed on the Ala 11 where we watched an explanatory video about the tasks that workers carry out there. Without delay we came in a flight simulator, we were lucky because two pilots were using them at that time.

Later we went to other room where mechanics receive their instruction lessons through computers which can simulate real failures on the planes.

Lieutenant Ferreras used the computerized room to talk about a lot of Eurofighter’s internal features. Then we visited the engines test bench where we talked with the professionals who work there with an amazing turbojet hanging over our heads. In the last part of the visit they taught us the planes P3 Orion and the already mentioned Eurofighter.

At the foot of this one lieutenant Ferreras talked about internal and external details of the plane as well as about our career, inasmuch as he also studied in our dear ETSI. Once more target achieved, things which are exposed at the grade are not just theory.


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