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About us

EUROAVIA Sevilla is a local association which belongs to EUROAVIA. It was founded in July 2008 by a group of Aeronautical Engineering students from ETSI (Technical School of Engineering of Seville) and accepted unanimously by the International Commission as Affiliated Society (AS) in October 2008.

EUROAVIA Sevilla has progressed over the years, becoming one of the local associations with a higher number of members (around 160), who are also really involved in all the local activities. In this association we try to encourage the relationship among Aeronautical Engineering students, to give them the opportunity to know about the Aeronautical Sector and to complement their studies. Moreover, it should be emphasized the organization of two international events, “Composites Symposium” in 2011 and “UAVs and Flight Control Systems Symposium” in 2013, attended by people from all over Europe.

The Local Board organizes all the activities, coordinates members and is responsible for the proper functioning of the association. It is composed by:

Local board
President: Alejandra González Valido  |
Secretary: Antonio Manuel Alonso Arias  |
Treasurer: Jes�s Benito L�pez Moreno  |
Executives: Valeria de la Torre Gutiérrez 
Alejandro Bonache López  |
IEM: Enrique García Palomares  |
Webmaster: Javier Benítez Malia  |
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