On February the 9th   The new registration period is going to be reopened from February the 9th at 14.00h GMT+1 to February the 11th at 14.00h GMT+1. The first 5 people who registrate will assist to the Symposium.

On February the 9th   A new sponsor has been confirmed: AEND.

On February the 7th   A new sponsor has been confirmed : AICIA.

On January the 10th   A new sponsor has been confirmed: INSTITUTO DE ESTUDIOS CAJASOL.

On January the 3rd   New sponsor is confirmed: "FUNDACIÓN HÉLICE".

On December the 23rd   Official announcement of the Composites Symposium in Sevilla around all Europe via the web page, facebook, twitter and tuenti.

Sponsored by:
Cátedra EADS
Fada Catec
Fundación Hélice
Instituto de estudios Cajasol Moplas
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