Welcome to the Oasis Palace

You’ll know you’re at the Oasis Palace because Oasis is Social. Oasis is different. Oasis is Fun and Local. Oasis… where we still believe in travel!!

The Palace is only 2 minutes on foot from the airport bus stop and the bus station for buses to Malaga or the beaches of Cadiz, as well as other destinations.
Our rooms are spacious, more than 40 meters squared, with ensuite bathrooms, high ceilings and windows to let in the light of the city, showers with unlimited hot water thanks to our solar panels, and centralised air conditioning so you may enjoy a cool night in your bunk.
Remember that we have large lockers for every bed, but bring a padlock to secure your bag inside. If you forget , you can buy a padlock at reception.
_A9A8828Want to see the sunset by the Giralda? Go up to our roof terrace and try our mojitos or beers, see live music, or sample our BBQs and home-made Paellas. A dip in the pool and then you’re ready to hit the town – and come back whenever thanks to 24hr reception.
Group Bookings Click here to go directly to our booking form or email us at manager.obh@obh-hostels.com.  Hope to see you soon!