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Saturday Optional Journey- Trip toSanlucar de Barrameda in Cadiz.

This stately town situated on the left of the mouth of the River Guadalquivir and opposite Doñana Natural Park has been declared Historic Ensemble. The Barrio Alto is the historic centre with the town’s monuments, narrow streets, white house fronts and aristocratic palaces such as the Palace of Orleáns y Borbón (beside the Basílica de NuestraSeñora de la Caridad) or the Renaissance Palacio Ducal de Medina Sidonia. Going down the Cuesta Belén towards the Barrio Bajo, there is the 15th century ‘Covachas’ -the best example of Gothic architecture in the town– which decorate one of the façades of the Dukes Palace. The Plaza de San Roque is the site of the wonderful atmosphere of the Market Place, full colour and local flavour, with its stall-holders singing the praises of their products at the tops of their voices.

The genuine microclimate of the town is essential to the ageing of manzanilla –the most representative of the local wines – which is included in the Designation of Origin Jerez-Xeres-Sherry.

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Manzanilla Museum visit

You will discover the history of a winery that began in 1821 when the Barbadillo family bottled its first manzanilla, as well as secrets that have been carefully guarded in its barrels and cellars since then.

Visiting the museum and cellars it is easy to understand why the sherry and wine of the Marco de Jerez are a way of life, a world, a culture. Thepureessence of ourland and ourroots.

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Santiago Castle Visit

15th century Castle where we can see a collection of sabers and typical military costumes.

This castle belonged to the Medina Sidonia Dukes in the Middle Ages,functioned as ducal castle fortress saw the passage of some famous people as Isabel II, Cristobal Colon or Magallanes.

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Lunch and Afternoon in Las Calzadas Beach

Las Calzadas is a very large beach where the popular summer horse races take place; it is also called the Racecourse.

Our beloved alumni will be invited to join us in this journey as well as in the final dinner