Here you can find other people who helped us a lot to make the EMEAC 2015 possible.

 Departamento de Física Aplicada III


Grupo de Elasticidad y Resistencia de Materiales

We highly apreciate them and we want to thank their colaboration for make the EMEAC possible


We would like to introduce our sponsors who are making EMEAC Sevilla 2015 possible, with their colaboration.

Cátedra EADS

Cátedra EADS The EADS Chair of ‘Aerospace Studies’has been founded with the aim of promoting collaboration between EADS and the University of Seville (US) for the training of Masters in Sciences, specialising in Aerospace Engineering




US ( Universidad de Sevilla)

índiceFounded in the sixteenth century, the University of Seville, with a student body of over 50,000, is one of the top-ranked universities in Spain. The University of Seville is steeped in history and is one of the most important cultural centres in Spain, dating back to the 15th century when the Catholic Kings recovered the area from the Moors.

Today, the University of Seville is well known for its vital research in Technology and Science which not only aids the development of science as a whole but, more importantly, enriches and develops not only the culture of Seville but all of Andalusia. The university takes pride in its self-government and independence but, above all, in its ability to provide a public service at such a high standard due to the calibre of the professors and lecturers that teach there. This motivation is reflected in their ancient motto with the four qualities that the university lives by:`Equality, Liberty, Justice and Pluralism´. This motto applies to both teaching and learning but above all, the progress made in science, technology and culture.

At present, the university´s main aim is to continue with the innovations developed in the scientific and technological fields as they look towards the future with a new and exciting perspective. This is reflected by the number of degrees offered; students attending the university have the choice of 65 different subjects and one of the widest ranges of academic and sporting facilities in Spain, making it a very popular university for both Spanish and international students.


ESTI (Escuela Técnica superior de Ingeniería)

logoESIThe Higher Technical School of Engineering (ETSI), University of Seville, is a university centre whose aim is studying, teaching and researching in the field of Engineering as well as creating, developing and spreading the knowledge at the service of society. The School always acts under strict quality and social responsibility criteria focusing on the region of Andalusia

The aim of the School is to train Bachelors of Engineering, Master of Engineering graduates and also PhDs of Engineering in order to satisfy the needs of the increasingly globalised and changing industrial sector. The School also recognise the importance of applying the result of research to the constant improvement of the teaching staff and the excellent training of its graduates.

The School has matured over its 29 years of life. Over 1900 well-trained graduates left their classrooms, many of them now PhDs, Professors, etc. The School has set up relations and collaborations with many other domestic and foreign universities in order to help both professors and students. Nowadays many students attend their courses in renowned international centres in the frame of the international exchange programmes.

Our School has nowadays almost 6000 students, 400 professors and an annual number of graduates of over 400 engineers.

The contact with the industrial sector, first through the Laboratory of Industrial Research and Tests and then through the Andalusian Association for Industrial Research and Cooperation (AICIA) has been a constant and productive target that duly helps to train the students and the industrial development of the region.



ines rosalesWe are a company dedicated to the production and sales of pastries and sweets, especially those with a strong link to Andalusian culture. At the heart of their preparation is the consistent use of Premium Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the traditional method used to make them.
Although our beginning in 1910 is humble, the excellence of our “Genuine and Renowned Sweet Olive Oil Tortas» and the trust from our customers has positioned us as leaders, standing out in our market. In each period we have grown to meet the demands of the market and our customers, without losing our identity. We have also integrated the necessary technology in order to guarantee the future of the company, whilst maintaining this distinction, always operating on the basis of Social Engagement and with Andalusia.

Road To Seville

Seville’s airport is not always the best option, so have we recommend you to check other airports near Seville.

Foto road to sevilla

If you decide flying to this airports, please take a look to these connections so Sevillaby train, bus or car.


From Malaga airport

  • Trains to Malaga city center in just 15 min.
    • And then train Malaga-Sevilla. (Visit


  • Bus Malaga airport to Sevilla (Visit
    • Sevilla-Malagaairport (Dep. 8:00 – Arr.11:00)
    • Malaga airport-Seville (Dep. 16:45 – Arr.20:00)


From Madrid airport

  • Trains from Madrid city center to Seville city center (Visit


  • Bus Madrid city center to Sevilla (5 connections every day) (Visit

*There are several ways to go from Madrid airport to the city center in just 30 min (underground, trains, bus, taxi…)

  • Bus Madrid airport to Sevilla (2 connections every day) (Visit

If you need any further help, don’t hesitate to contact us at

We also recommend those of you who are planning your trip to Sevilla to read this before choosing a departure date.

The very next day after finishing our congress, the Seville Fair (Spanish: Feria de abril de Sevilla, «Seville April Fair») is held in the Andalusian capital of Seville, ending on the following Sunday.

Road to seville 2For the duration of the fair, the fairgrounds and a vast area on the far bank of the Guadalquivir River are totally covered in rows of casetas (individual decorated marquee tents which are temporarily built on the fairground).

Road to sevilla 3

From around nine at night until six or seven the following morning, at first in the streets and later only within each caseta, you will find crowds partying and dancing «Sevillanas», drinking Jerez sherry, or manzanilla wine, and eating tapas..

More info:


List of participants

Here we have the list of participants and the actual state of their inscription

Last Name First NameASState
BalintRadu PaulBucharestConfirmed
DominikGielAS Delft / ITWGConfirmed
SimionGeorge CristianBucharestConfirmed
LorrigPatrickEYE WGConfirmed
ERDOGDUElif EceIBConfirmed
KempeHenningDeWo WGConfirmed
DamkaniMoshePAS TechnionConfirmed
VaislerDanaPAS TechnionConfirmed
POPESCUAndreea DanielaIBConfirmed
KILINCYıldırım BurakIstanbulConfirmed
ÖrgülüErdemIstanbul Confirmed
TürkyılmazEgeIstanbul Confirmed
KurowskaAleksandraPPAS DęblinConfirmed
StrzałbaJędrzejPPAS DęblinConfirmed
Quintero SicreAlejandroPAS Cádiz Confirmed
Millán RamírezJosé SantiagoPAS Cadiz Confirmed
LassalettaJose MaríaSevillaConfirmed
Ibiza GranadosCarlosSevillaConfirmed
Chuliá LatorreBelénPAS ValenciaConfirmed
WyderkaBartoszPPAS DęblinConfirmed
García CasanovaFélixPAS ValenciaConfirmed
Casamor MartinellOriolTerrassaConfirmed
Castillo GrimaltJoan ToniTerrassaConfirmed
StefanIordacheBucharestConfirmed - Waiting List
CojoceaAndrei BucharestConfirmed - Waiting List
Vlad AlexandruPopaBucharestConfirmed - Waiting List
MiteaMaria-AndradaBucharestConfirmed - Waiting List
LekicBranislavBeogradConfirmed - Waiting List
GoluMihai AlexandruBucharestConfirmed - Waiting List
ToaderAdriana ElenaBucharestConfirmed - Waiting List
SevicMihailoBeogradConfirmed - Waiting List

Our College

Here we are ready for the EMEAC, you are just about entering to the first meeting, but there is something you still don’t know…

Where is the meeting? We are proud to introduce you our college most known as ETSI (Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería). We will show you a map from the college to let you know it as well as we do

Escuela Now is time to see the inside map

Useful Information

Here we are going to show you, the unforgettable list of things that you should bring with you to the EMEAC Sevilla 2015:


  • passport / visa / ID card
  • health insurance card
  • toothbrush
  • sunglasses, swimwear, sunscreen, flip flops..
  • medicines
  • towels
  • pocket money (EURO)
  • camera
  • laptop (+charger)
  • phone charger
  • formal clothes for the business meetings
  • suit/dress for the final dinner
  • comfortable shoes for sightseeing
  • spirits and typical sweets for the spirit night

After you make your suitcase and arrive to Sevilla, you would like to arrive to the hostel that will be your home for the next week, don’t you? Here we have some maps showing the easiest way to arrive to the hostel.

If you are coming by plane:

Firstly take the bus EA from the airport and get off at the stop called ‘estación de autobuses plaza de armas’. It will takes you about 45 minutes.


Then walk 550m to the hostel as indicated on the picture:

Hostel If you are coming by train:

Take the bus 32 from ‘José Laguillo’ to ‘Plaza del Duque’

BusBus 2

Once you arrived, walk to the hotel along ‘Alfonso XII’ street and follow the instructions of the picture.

Bus 3

Those are the easiest ways to arrive to the hostel you will be living during the EMEAC, if you would like to know more about the city and interesting places to visit, find attach our survival guide specially made for you

Survival Guide



Here you check the previous schedule. We will keep it updated weekly with any news we have

Schedule enfocado

Saturday Optional Journey- Trip toSanlucar de Barrameda in Cadiz.

This stately town situated on the left of the mouth of the River Guadalquivir and opposite Doñana Natural Park has been declared Historic Ensemble. The Barrio Alto is the historic centre with the town’s monuments, narrow streets, white house fronts and aristocratic palaces such as the Palace of Orleáns y Borbón (beside the Basílica de NuestraSeñora de la Caridad) or the Renaissance Palacio Ducal de Medina Sidonia. Going down the Cuesta Belén towards the Barrio Bajo, there is the 15th century ‘Covachas’ -the best example of Gothic architecture in the town– which decorate one of the façades of the Dukes Palace. The Plaza de San Roque is the site of the wonderful atmosphere of the Market Place, full colour and local flavour, with its stall-holders singing the praises of their products at the tops of their voices.

The genuine microclimate of the town is essential to the ageing of manzanilla –the most representative of the local wines – which is included in the Designation of Origin Jerez-Xeres-Sherry.

Foto 1

Manzanilla Museum visit

You will discover the history of a winery that began in 1821 when the Barbadillo family bottled its first manzanilla, as well as secrets that have been carefully guarded in its barrels and cellars since then.

Visiting the museum and cellars it is easy to understand why the sherry and wine of the Marco de Jerez are a way of life, a world, a culture. Thepureessence of ourland and ourroots.

Foto 2

Santiago Castle Visit

15th century Castle where we can see a collection of sabers and typical military costumes.

This castle belonged to the Medina Sidonia Dukes in the Middle Ages,functioned as ducal castle fortress saw the passage of some famous people as Isabel II, Cristobal Colon or Magallanes.

Foto 3

Lunch and Afternoon in Las Calzadas Beach

Las Calzadas is a very large beach where the popular summer horse races take place; it is also called the Racecourse.

Our beloved alumni will be invited to join us in this journey as well as in the final dinner


EUROAVIA is a non-profit association supported by the continuation of the voluntary effort of the students. The activities that we described before will be unattainable for all of our members who came from across different countries without the collaboration of different entities.

Without your supporting, we cannot reach our goals.

Having a direct connection to students supposes benefits for your companies. You are able to optimize the promotion campaigns to point out the strengths of the company, better bring your demands across to the students that attend and show commitment and interest to future engineers.

We would be honored if your support made this dream possible.

What can we do to reward you? We will contribute satisfactorily for all the goals that our sponsors want to achieve, as we have done for 55 years.

How can we do it? EUROAVIA has reached to get a huge network between industry, more than 2000 active aerospace students and the ‘alumni’ group (senior engineers who are linked with EUROAVIA yet). By this way, we are capable to spread information among 50.000 university students and professionals of this area.

To get this, we count with an international website as well as a local one, in addition to a biannual news-medium and a digital magazine where we publish all the information that surround the aerospace sector and us.

We will push your company’s label with the high professionalism it involves beneath the brand of the congress, in all the merchandising stuff offered, in the event’s website and on the staff.

I’m looking forward to our cooperation and thank you in advance for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Jose María Lassaletta Fernández

President of the EUROAVIA Sevilla Local Board Business Year 2014-2015

About US

EUROAVIA Seville was founded by a group of engineering students of E.T.S of Engineering (Seville) in June 2008. In October of that year, the International committee accepted it as PAS, after our first event Fly-in Seville we became a full right AS. After six years, EUROAVIA Seville has been imposed as one of the most important local association at European level, the most active and the largest, with over 230 members.
Currently, we are working and looking for new ways to meet our goals and achieve new ones. It can be supported by our work in technical conferences on recent research and news:

-Guest in Aerospace & Defense Meetings 2014 in Seville (ADM14).

– Part of the organizers team during 16th European Conference on Composite
Materials (ECCM16).

– Our last event, “UAVs & Flight Control Systems Symposium” had a time gap in the prestige X National Seminary of Avionics and Navigation Systems (SINASA2013) where our former president, Rubén Coca, explained the event and our AS. Furthermore, this event had an important reference in different local newspapers.

The EMEAC15’s organizers team is compound by mix of 8 active members and a part
of the local board:

All of us are looking forward to see you in Seville!